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2017-07-28: Firebrand shares with us a nice peplum bearhug from the good old days. The Rebel Gladiator - Friday July 28th 2017 (News ID: 1746)   [ Back to top ]

Firebrand (id 2372) shows us that the peplum movies from the good ol' days were filled with testosterone. It was an era where bearhugs (albeit, short ones) was a common thing. It was a great way to display your superior strength in combat over your opponent.

What is it with gladiators and bearhugs? So much masculinity! These shirtless guys just can't wait to hug another shirtless buddy. Not that we should be complaining...

Anyhow, if you enjoyed this, make sure you give a good rating to Database Entry ID 2514.

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2017-03-26: I completely forgot about this gem until someone recently uploaded a bearhug from it in the Uploads section. The Seven Magnificent Gladiators - Sunday March 26th 2017 (News ID: 1737)   [ Back to top ]

A couple of years ago, Paul M (id 639) added an entry about The Seven Magnificent Gladiators, created at the peak of the sword and sandals era where women (and men) slobbered over musclemen wearing nothing but a toga (and a sword, no, not that type of sword). I completely forgot about this rare gem until someone recently uploaded a bearhug from it.

The movie itself features two reverse bearhugs. It's pretty laughable, but you have to admire still the physique of Ferrigno, despite his questionable acting skills. But yeah, back then, you don't really need to know how to act if you flex your muscles to the audience every few seconds. In my opinion, these elements actually adds to the style of the movie. It's almost a comedy. The video below shows the first bearhug.. the second one is meh, so I'll just skip it, but you can look at the movie's entry information if you really want to see it.

It's funny how Lou and Ivan just argue and fight for a bit, but it was all of a ruse from Lou to take a glimpse at Ivan's strength and fighting abilities. After testing him in a bearhug, a headlock and a few elbows, Lou enlists Ivan to join his forces to protect a village. What a great script! Enlist me too, please.

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2015-07-30: Bearhug in movies are starting to become like rare gems.  Rare gems - Thursday July 30th 2015 (News ID: 1662)   [ Back to top ]

Bearhug in movies are starting to become like rare gems. They are obscure, hard to find and almost all of them are already recorded somewhere.

Well, today's rare gem is brought to you by Guhraeb (id 837).

He was able to dig up what appears to be a comedy western with greatly exaggerated fight scenes worthy of breaking every furniture in your house. The bearhug is near the 69:00 mark. The movie below is in Italian, but you don't really need to know the language to understand what's going on.

You can vote on this Database Entry ID 2317 for +2,500 bearhug points.

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2012-12-26: Guhraeb submitted a couple of database entries and links related to bearhugs. Guhraeb's bearhugs :) - Wednesday December 26th 2012 (News ID: 1503)   [ Back to top ]

Some users are pretty generous during the holidays.

Guhraeb (id 837) submitted today a couple of database entries and links.

His most notable contribution in this set is a bearhug in a movie called "American Tigers" from 1996. Submission like these are pretty rare considering that the database has pretty much juiced out almost every bearhugs in any movies pre-2000s.

Many thanks to Guhraeb (id 837) for sharing these videos with us.

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2009-10-21: Do movies with bearhugs fall from the sky? :) Return of the Tiger - Wednesday October 21st 2009 (News ID: 1071)   [ Back to top ]

Do movies with bearhug fall from the sky? The answer is, yes, apparently they do.

Check out Guhraeb's (id 837) newest submission: "Return of the Tiger" available as Entry ID 929.

It is a Bruce Li movie where he faces a Paul Smith who is a much heavier and stronger opponent than Li. The fight, while sometimes exaggerated, is somewhat entertaining.

The bearhug is relatively nice (a reverse bearhug, by the way). You get to see a close-up shot of Smith squeezing Bruce Li's shirtless body... As usual, these types of bearhugs don't usually last more than 10-15 seconds.

Be warned that it is the full-length movie that is being posted on YouTube and it takes quite a lot of time to fetch it from their server. For some of you, the amount of waiting required to view just the little bearhug sequence may not be worth it. However, if you do have the patience for it, then by all means, click ahead.

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2008-05-07: Iron Man bearhug - Wednesday May 7th 2008 (News ID: 742)   [ Back to top ]

As it has been reported by at least 2 users, there is a bearhug in the Iron Man movie. This has been recorded in Entry ID 246 in the bearhug database. While you access the db, you can take a look at the newest entries which include references to Teen Titans and Darkwing Duck.

The bearhug in Iron Man will probably not be to the taste of many users. I mean not many people will have a linking for metallic or robotic bearhugs... A few pics have been added so you can be the judge of it. Nevertheless, you can think that behind those armors, Robert Downey Jr. is being bearhugged by Jeff Bridges.

Thank you to Landonuest and to Leon for reporting this bearhug.

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2008-03-29: A few new movie titles - Saturday March 29th 2008 (News ID: 726)   [ Back to top ]

With the "bearhug in movies" merged with the "bearhug database", a few new titles have been added.

The latest ones are:
- Watch Out, We're Mad!
- Beau Travail
- Sasquatch Mountain
- Samson
- Twins
- Abominable

You can check the newest bearhug in movies by clicking here.

Note that you can now also add your new titles by using the "Submit an entry" links available in the database panel... but you already knew that, didn't you?

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2008-01-11: Police Academy 6 - Friday January 11th 2008 (News ID: 710)   [ Back to top ]

I've added a few pics from the Police Academy 6 movie in the bearhug in movies database. The movie features this strong cop that takes on a bear/lumberjack dude. They end up exchanging a double bearhug.

This bearhug probably won't be interesting for some, but I'm simply filling up as much as possible the documentation on these bearhugs.

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