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Tools to take snapshots of your videos
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Grunts and Groans shutting down on July 15
Keepvid: Keep a copy of your YouTube videos
Paypal: Not covering virtual or intangibles

2017-12-01: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... - Friday December 1st 2017 (News ID: 1758)   [ Back to top ]

A friend sent me this and I couldn't resist posting it.

This genuine bearhug comes from James Lechelt's instagram. Incidentally, I also added his bearhugs in the Uploads section and his pic in the Contenders section, so make sure you give him a little nod.. just for sharing with us his teddy bear bearhug.

If you check out his Instagram, you can watch the video version of the bearhug.

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2017-03-19: I see a lot of uploads being submitted that has low quality snapshots from videos, some directly taken from YouTube with the magical ``Print Screen`` key from the keyboard. Tools to take snapshots of your videos - Sunday March 19th 2017 (News ID: 1735)   [ Back to top ]

I see a lot of uploads being submitted that has low quality snapshots from videos, some directly taken from YouTube with the magical "Print Screen" key from the keyboard.

There are better ways to do this.

I personally used Freemake Video Downloader, but they recently started putting a speed limit and a watermark, so I've started using instead Online Video Converter and Convert 2 MP3. Despite the title, you can also convert your videos to MP4 (which is a video format that is optimal for your operations).

These sites will allow you to save a copy of the video at the highest quality on your computer. After which, you can open them up in VLC, scroll to the desired area and make better quality snapshots, provided that the video had at least 720 or 1080 pixel resolutions when you saved it.

Yeah, I know, this is very technical for some, but if you ever give it a shot just once, you'll fall in love with it and you'll stop taking snapshots directly from YouTube.

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2012-08-08: Just some off-topic news Art gallery - Wednesday August 8th 2012 (News ID: 1467)   [ Back to top ]

My boyfriend visiting Ottawa this past week-end and he went into the National Gallery of Canada Museum.

While he felt that most of the stuff that was exposed was tacky, he bumped in a few artworks that had a few wrestling related imagery and some of them contained bearhugs... They were artworks from mainly Sorel Cohen and Francis Bacon who was inspired by Eadweard Muybridge.

Anyway, if you are around Ottawa, you might want to take a look at this museum.

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2012-07-15: Can anyone identify this pic? Who's this? - Sunday July 15th 2012 (News ID: 1461)   [ Back to top ]

A bit off-topic here... but I've been trying to find a forum to identify this picture, but haven't been successful at all. I also used TinEye to do a reverse picture search, but still had no luck.

Can anyone identify the guy in this picture? It seems to come from a reality show of some sort. It initially came from a Tumblr site.

Ah yes, I'll give +100,000 points for anyone who can identify this. Where do you guys go when you guys are trying to identify pictures?

Click the image for a larger version

Max (id 2210) followed up on this and he believes that the guy in this picture is James Kelly. He may be a coach of some kind, maybe even wrestling. He attached the following picture:

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2012-07-03: Grunts and Groans are going down on July 15th Grunts and Groans shutting down on July 15 - Tuesday July 3rd 2012 (News ID: 1458)   [ Back to top ]

It looks like Grunts N Groans are going down later this month. This is the message that is posted on their website when you log in to GnG's wrestling personals. shutting down on July 15, 2012

GnG will be shutting down on July 15, 2012. All donations received in June have been refunded. All member photos have been removed to avoid copyright issues.

I am researching options for being able to bring the site back in a more sustainable manner. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when that will happen.

Thank you for your support. I have enjoyed bringing the site to you the last couple of years.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the future.


It is very sad when a site like this goes down, because a big chunk of the wrestling community dies with it as well. We need more wrestling personal sites to keep the competition healthy and give users extra possibilities and alternatives. The more wrestling personal sites, the merrier. I do really hope the webmaster of GnG will find a solution and bring back sustainability.

On July 15th, I will also be removing the GnG links from all profiles since they will all be broken. Of course, I'll make a last check to see if there are any changes by then before removing them. I actually didn't know that GnG was going down until Squeezerian (id 361) relayed this info to me.

And while I'm at it, I will also be changing all links to links since they are undergoing an URL change later this month. Hopefully, there won't be any additional movements or related changes for a little while. Sometimes, it's nice when sites stay steady...

Asianwrestler (id 4635) also gave me this follow up that was posted on the GnG site on July 9th:

Added on Jul 09, 2012 at 01:26 pm

There are two different types of members on GnG: those that are here to find real matches, and those that are here for fantasy (role-playing) in cyber action. Unfortunately, the expectations of each type are in conflict with each other. One expects all profiles to be real, the other doesnít, since itís all pretend. The result is a site that members are not able to enjoy as much as they should be able to.

Handling the results of this conflict became part of a normal day. Most of my time was spent handling feedback about profiles and the negative actions of other members. This kept me away from being able to spend time improving the site. Over time, it became evident that the conflict was not going to go away.

This is why I decided to close the site. To allow me to build something enjoyable instead of a source of conflict. Of course, some conflict should be expected. However, I believe there is a better way...

[I was unable to get the rest of the message] :(

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2011-11-30: A majority of you already know this, but if you wish to keep a copy of a YouTube video, then KeepVid is a web interface that will allow you to do so. Keepvid: Keep a copy of your YouTube videos - Wednesday November 30th 2011 (News ID: 1401)   [ Back to top ]

Some of you already know this, but it doesn't hurt to share again the knowledge: if you wish to keep a copy of a YouTube video, then KeepVid is a web interface that will allow you to do so.

You simply copy & paste the YouTube link and KeepVid will give you a download link of the different video formats and sizes available.

As of late, a lot of good YouTube bearhug videos have been disappearing because of all the different types of restrictions in YouTube's legalese, so it's a very good idea to save yourself a copy of your favorite videos. Otherwise, you might never see them again.

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2010-08-29: If you`re using Paypal to buy virtual or intangible items, you are not covered so please be careful. Paypal: Not covering virtual or intangibles - Sunday August 29th 2010 (News ID: 1246)   [ Back to top ]

There are more and more wrestling companies nowadays that decide to focus their business on Video On Demand (VOD) or online file downloads.

If you are dealing with Paypal to purchase these types of virtual products, please be aware that you are NOT covered if the seller doesn't deliver the goods. Apparently, in Paypal's policy, virtual or intangibles items are simply not under their buyer protection program.

I learned this the hard way, so please be careful. To avoid this issue, discussion forums and groups are always a good start to ask around if you are not sure if you should trust a company or merchant for a purchase with Paypal. You can refer to the Links section for sites that you can use to discuss about this.

For instance, this group occasionally talk about the reliability of online acquisition of products from wrestling video companies:

- Gay Wrestling Videos

You can start by checking out the archives or asking your questions there before making a purchase: "Is the company's site secure? Do buyers have good experience or bad experience from the seller? Does the store let you re-try your download if it failed? What is their refund policy? etc."

The answers to these questions will probably be available on the site of the seller, but sometimes it's better to ask someone else who has already bought from the site.

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