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Today's date: 2017-05-26 05:12:23 AM

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Monday December 5th 2016:  Jobberboy vs Shawty
Sunday December 4th 2016:  Story submissions
Sunday November 20th 2016:  Primetime Wrestling: 6 bearhugs
Sunday October 30th 2016:  Hero: The Erik Atlas Archives
Saturday October 1st 2016:  POTM #122: Talon bearhugs Beast
Tuesday August 30th 2016:  Visit and visitor history cleared
Monday August 29th 2016:  Andre the Giant vs 2 jobbers
Wednesday August 10th 2016:  60 uploads
Tuesday August 9th 2016:  Adrain's stories
Monday July 25th 2016:  POTM #121: Steve Dalton vs Justin Overstreet
Sunday July 10th 2016:  Alexander Rusev bearhugs Antonio Cesaro
Saturday July 9th 2016:  1,000 points per match pic hold identification
Monday June 27th 2016:  18 years!!! ... already!
Wednesday June 22nd 2016:  Old school... very old school!
Sunday June 19th 2016:  New uploads... and some stats
Tuesday June 14th 2016:  Homocide Squeeze: Chapter 3
Monday June 13th 2016:  POTM #120: Another one signed Dave Mastiff
Sunday June 5th 2016:  Oops.. away until Tuesday
Saturday May 28th 2016:  3 new matches
Tuesday May 24th 2016:  The Beast vs Eric Pomeroy

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2016-12-05: What`s up today?  Jobberboy vs Shawty! Jobberboy vs Shawty - Monday December 5th 2016   [ Back to top ]

We have Jobberboy (id 482) vs Shawty (id 520) in a match published and written by Jobberboy himself.

You can check it out under

- Match ID 323: Jobber vs Shawty: Two Small Men Finally Meet.

Please do take the time to comment and upvote their match. We don't get much matches like these nowadays.

While you're at it, you might have missed this two matches:

- Match ID 320: Birdman vs Wrestluchador: La Venganza de Birdman


- Match ID 315: Darius vs Frank the Tank: The Rematch, 3rd Fall

I know the interface to create match is still terrible and time consuming, but I haven't found a way yet to make it simpler. So, please be mindful and thankful of anyone who submits a match because they actually go through the whole tedious process to be able to share a match with all of us.

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2016-12-04: Story submissions - Sunday December 4th 2016   [ Back to top ]

We've got 2 new submissions. Yay!

One from MontrealDude22 (id 1338) and one from Joeran (id 3483).

The one from MontrealDude is actually from the Titan chapters with all the pictures if you need to be visual. It's called "Hercules vs Titan". If you prefer to use your own imagination, then the one from Joeran should suit you well. It is entitled "Roommate Revelation".

For the list of all the latest stories, just click here.

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2016-11-20: An anonymous user submitted a link to the PrimeTime Wrestling show from August 1989.  The show contains a total of 6 bearhugs.   Primetime Wrestling: 6 bearhugs - Sunday November 20th 2016   [ Back to top ]

An anonymous user submitted a link to the PrimeTime Wrestling show from August 1989. Surprisingly, the show contains a total of 6 bearhugs. Actually, half of those bearhugs are from Zeus... It was a gimmick from the movie "No Holds Barred". They decided to bring the character from the movie right into the WWF Summerslam event.

You can view all of those under Link ID 3516.

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2016-10-30: Hero: The Erik Atlas Archives - Sunday October 30th 2016   [ Back to top ]

BigSqueezer (id 743) asked me to relay the following information.
I have a book coming out. it's the adventures of Erik Atlas, superstar wrestler in the International Sex Fight league. Big muscled wrestlers, hero and heel, massive bearhug and all kinds of power moves!

It's available on Amazon under this link:

This is book I of Six planned.
BigSqueezer contributed a great amount of free stories on this site. Considering that the price tag for the digital version of his newest book is only 3 bucks, well.. please do make a little effort to support him.

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2016-10-01: POTM #122: Talon bearhugs Beast - Saturday October 1st 2016   [ Back to top ]

September passed by without me noticing it and I haven't written anything for the entire month. Meh, you guys can slap me a bearhug as some form of punishment, but I'm sure you guys are used to my prolonged absences by now.

Today's bearhug is between Beast and Talon.

I have to admit that I like this Beast newcomer to TA's roster. He's a good-looking bulky guy, good charisma, great amount of beard which I have a weakness for... and has apparently an MMA background.

As for the bearhug, I don't really believe it because Beast is bigger than Talon, but not actually by that much: Talon is billed at 5'11", 209 lbs and Beast is billed at 5'8", 225 lbs. So either Talon is really strong... or Beast is selling the bearhug very well.

Head out to Upload ID 34748 and get your +4,000 points today by saying yourself (through a vote) how much you like this bearhug.

And if you liked this bearhug, you can take a look at other pictures in this series of Talon vs Beast.

You know... If there is a nice trend that I've noticed lately is that Thunder's Arena has been very tolerant in welcoming new wrestlers that sports a beard and on occasion, some chest hair. Of course, to each their preferences, but this trend really makes me happy.

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2016-08-30: A reset was performed today on the visit and visitor history. Visit and visitor history cleared - Tuesday August 30th 2016   [ Back to top ]

The server hosting the site has been very slow lately and it was determined that there were a few hiccups and performance problems on how the visits to each profiles were stored.

I had to clear them out, so yes, all the visit and visitor history will be cleared as of today (August 30 2016). They will start piling up again as soon as someone checks out your profile or when you check out someone's profile. For some reason, the maintenance script I had to clean them up periodically stopped working and the disk space almost reached its full usage.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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2016-08-29: The Giant versus 2 jobbers in a handicap match.  What else did you expect? :) Andre the Giant vs 2 jobbers - Monday August 29th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Here's another one of those giant vs small gimmick.. actually, an even better one: Andre The Giant vs 2 small jobbers in a handicap match!

The Giant starts by bearhugging Johnny Rodz at 9:22, but this guy is so strong he can actually do a double bearhug by crushing both Rodz and Frank Rodriguez near 9:43! He finally delivers the final submission to Rodriguez at 11:54.

The Giant is so powerful! Can he ever be stopped?

Remember to rate this bearhug under Link ID 3505 for a +3,000 bearhug points bonus.

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2016-08-10: A few dozen uploads have been added 60 uploads - Wednesday August 10th 2016   [ Back to top ]

About 60 uploads have been added. You can always use the Uploads by Date page to find out which days you may have missed. You'll notice from it that many other days have spike of bearhug submissions.

This recent batch contains a mix of pro indies, some Thunder's and a bunch of Morgan Cruise bearhugs.

Yeah, I know.. Morgan Cruise has been renamed to Dominants Dungeon lately... I'll gradually do the replacement in the weeks to come. It doesn't really matter in the end since those who visit Morgan Cruise are automatically redirected do their new website. The same thing applies to the Cameron Wrestler website that now converges towards the Wrestler 4 Hire website.

It really annoys me when companies change the website's format or the company name because it just breaks so many links.

Is it just me or I really find it hard to use the new replacement format of Wrestler 4 Hire? You are forced to log in to view many of their products or access many parts of their website, it's hard to find anything and you can't tell which new videos have been added. The search feature doesn't always work either. Each time I surf on it, I just end up closing my browser out of frustration. It's probably just me being difficult.

I still hope that they will revamp the system again to make it friendlier.

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2016-08-09: Adrain submitted new stories :) Adrain's stories - Tuesday August 9th 2016   [ Back to top ]

I really don't need to write this down since Adrain (id 3641) is doing pretty well without me needing to point out that he wrote recently a couple of stories. The feedback already posted by other users shows that many people are appreciating his work. Considering the length of his chapters, I can imagine that we're talking about days, if not weeks or months, of thinking and writing.

You can view Adrain's stories by clicking here.

You will need to log in since a few elements of his writings contain mature references.

I hope you'll enjoy and please remember to leave the author some feedback.

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2016-07-25: Let`s pick 3 of em. POTM #121: Steve Dalton vs Justin Overstreet - Monday July 25th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Yikes! 2 weeks without a post. I guess I've been busy wrestling here and there, but most importantly, I've been taking advantage of the summer.

I was thinking of posting a BG or Thunder's bearhug, but they get enough exposure anyway. They get way more of it than all these pro indies that occasionally produce excellent bearhug content.

I'll pick several pics of the moment today.

This first one is your usual big vs small gimmick, featuring Steve Dalton bearhugging Justin Overstreet. It's really too bad Steve Dalton was closing his eyes when this picture was taken.

The second is one of those rare gatorhugs (or bearhugs in water). I'm very curious to know what setting or what event introduced this bearhug. I mean how often do you give bearhugs in swimming pools? It looked as if it was even a caged match...

This last one shows another big vs small convincing bearhug given by Danny Deans to Party Rocker Ryan. Yeah... I just happen to like big vs small.

All these 3 bearhugs currently have a voting bonus of +1,500 points each. (See Upload ID 14414, Upload ID 28482 and Upload ID 30591).

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2016-07-10: I haven`t been following much WWE anymore, but this one isn`t half bad.
Alexander Rusev bearhugs Antonio Cesaro - Sunday July 10th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Hmmm... it's been 6 years I haven't used the "Bearhug Tracker" category. I guess better late than never.

Anyway, I haven't been following much WWE anymore, but this one isn't half bad. Smackdown aired a sequence where Alexander Rusev gives a russian bearhug to the hunky Antonio Cesaro. You can view this under Clip ID 291. You can also check out a high quality still that you can probably set as a wallpaper for your desktop under Upload ID 34403.

Normally, all WWE shows are crap since they stuff it with drama, high flying acrobatic moves, trash talking, lots of nonsense, plenty of steroids and what not.... but every now and then, a nice little bearhug pops up. Lucky for us.

My routine for WWE is that I google on a monthly basis the reviews of all their shows (Smackdown, RAW, NXT combined) and I look for the bearhug keyword. If a bearhug is involved, then I'll take the extra step to locate it, document and capture the bearhug. I have to admit that this bearhug was a bit special, I found it out of a Japanese or Chinese site called Shuai Jao (Link ID 3473) that takes high quality stills of the WWE shows. With some research, you cross reference the wrestlers, find the airing date, uncover the videos and extract the exact moment the bearhug occurred.

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2016-07-09: 1,000 points per match pic hold identification - Saturday July 9th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Since not many people were that interested in identifying the categories for images posted in the Match section, I am now giving out +1,000 points per image identified.

The best way to do this is to look for holds for each match. Simply visit any match or view them by highest amount of uncategorized images. Then, use the [ Quick View ] link at the bottom of the match. From here, you can click on any of the images to start identifying them away. Note that even if a hold has been identified, you can change it again in case it was incorrectly identified.

If you want even more filtering, there's a link at the bottom of the Quick View page that will allow you to show only uncategorized images.

Categorization allows for better searching of matches later on. The search system currently allows you to find matches that contain a particular hold, but this search is useless if none of the images are identified.

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2016-06-27: Hey! Looks like the site reached its 18 years of existence!  Woohoo! 18 years!!! ... already! - Monday June 27th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Hey! Looks like the site reached its 18 years of existence! Woohoo!

So.. um.. aside from releasing another clip at a low point count, there's not much else I can do. If you have a trust rating of at least 7 and a minimum of 18,000 points, then please check out the clips section for your little surprise. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Yeah, I haven't worked on any new big features since a long while... so there's no grandiose opening or anything along those lines today. It'll be for another time (or year).

Meanwhile, please accept my heartfelt thanks for helping the site go through yet another year! May continue to exist for a lot more decades!

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2016-06-22: You know it`s very old school when the video is in black and white! Old school... very old school! - Wednesday June 22nd 2016   [ Back to top ]

You know it's very old school when the video is in black and white ... and when this happened all the way back in 1952... when I wasn't born yet.

In the following video, Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Rudy Kay down to the mats and gets a 3-count this way. The bearhug lasts from near 18:05 and all the way until 18:57 with multiple escapes, but Ivan just keeps on re-clamping the bearhug. Talk about perseverance!

This video is courtesy of the Chicago Film Archives presenting "Wrestling from Chicago". You can vote on it in Link ID 3458 for +3,000 bearhug points.

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2016-06-19: A handful of new uploads have been submitted recently. New uploads... and some stats - Sunday June 19th 2016   [ Back to top ]

A handful of new uploads have been submitted recently.

Then I went to check the stats page by company today just for fun. It now shows that 1 out of every approximately ~4 bearhugs comes from BG. This figure used to be 1 out of 3. Mind you, 1 out of 4 is still huge.

Thunder's Arena is in a far second place with about 1 out of every 7 pictures being a bearhug from this company.

When ranked by type of bearhugs, the lifted frontal bearhugs are still being the most popular bearhugs with 30% of all bearhugs on the site. This is followed by regular frontal bearhugs (those with the opponent's feet still on the ground) at 23% and reverse bearhugs at 13%. Lifted reverse bearhugs are far behind at 6%.

The bearhug counter is currently registering more than 27,000 bearhugs...

So why does the identification numbers show a value around 34,000 when there are only 27,000 bearhugs? Well.. it's pretty simple: it means that about 7,000 bearhugs have been eradicated because they were either duplicates, non-bearhugs or requests from individuals for removals (for privacy or copyright concerns).

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2016-06-14: Bigsqueezer submitted a 3rd chapter to his Suicide Challenge/Homocide Squeeze series of stories. Homocide Squeeze: Chapter 3 - Tuesday June 14th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Bigsqueezer submitted a 3rd chapter to his Suicide Challenge/Homocide Squeeze series of stories. You can check it out by clicking here.

You will have to log in. Basically, anything containing blood, gore or sex will require an age verification to avoid trouble giving easy access to those who are not yet of age.

That being said, I don't always have time to go through all stories that are submitted. If you see one that should be marked as for adults, please do let me know.


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2016-06-13: Dave Mastiff really knows how to give his bearhugs POTM #120: Another one signed Dave Mastiff - Monday June 13th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Dave Mastiff really knows how to give his bearhugs. He has this big facial expression that shows how much strength he applies. He holsters his opponent high up in the air and squeezes him literally until he submits. When you're a monster like Mastiff, a bearhug is quite convincing.

You can vote on this Upload ID 16382 for a bonus of +2,000 bonus points.

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2016-06-05: I will be away until Tuesday June 7.  Profile/picture approvals will have to wait until that date. Oops.. away until Tuesday - Sunday June 5th 2016   [ Back to top ]

I was away since last wednesday for a leisure trip.

I will process with the updates and profile/picture approvals once I get back this upcoming Tuesday June 7.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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2016-05-28: Looks like the guys got busy writing and opening up their creativity lately.  We got three new matches. 3 new matches - Saturday May 28th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Looks like the guys got busy writing and opening up their creativity lately. We have three new matches:

  • Darius vs Frank the Tank: The Rematch: Fall 2 (Chapter 5)

  • Squeezerian v The Wriggler - The deciding round (Chapter 3)

  • Brownbomber vs Lusowrestler: The Brown Bomber returns to Portugal (Chapter 2)

  • Remember that anyone can submit a match. If you like a bit of time in the spotlights like these guys, just take a couple of wrestling pics, come up with a story and post it online using the site's match section interface. If you are concerned about privacy, wrestling masks or photoshop face blurring/black outs are totally acceptable. A good example of black outs is the match between Weholooker vs SinglerWrestler89. An example of masks being used is the match between Squeezerian vs Gentleman John.

    The story doesn't need to be elaborate. It can be very simplistic or it can just be a plain description of the moves being applied. If you've seen some of my matches, they are just downright campy and exaggerated, but I'm really just having fun and I try not to take anything in those matches seriously. Truth be told, people are just going to look at the pics and they often skip whatever you write...

    +1 million points is awarded to anyone that submits a match with at least 10 pictures.

    Similar items - 0 comments - Add a comment

    2016-05-24: This is real vintage stuff, but by vintage, we often hear submission. ;) The Beast vs Eric Pomeroy - Tuesday May 24th 2016   [ Back to top ]

    This is real vintage stuff, but by vintage, we often hear submission. The other great thing about it is that they last much longer. The crowd gets all excited about it and they don't shout "Boring!" (Believe me, that's all you hear when I did the mistake of going to a real WWE live presentation at the Forum a few years ago... You hear that and a lot of "Wooo!" each time Ric Flair goes on stage...)

    In the following video, The Beast manages to bearhug Eric Pomeroy twice and actually makes him submit on his second try. (Bearhugs at 1:51 and 4:19)

    You can vote on this under Link ID 3359 and get a bonus of +3,000 bearhug points.

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