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Super Destroyer... or Super Bearhugger?
New companies: 88Wrestling
POTM #127: Saul Adams vs Damian Dunne
Selectivity and technology
Rediscovering gems
Wrestling game
POTM #126: Amateur Time!
Big John Studd vs Tony Atlas
More reviews
Birdman vs Wrestluchador
Barbaric Brawn
Review: Beast vs Fang
The Rebel Gladiator
Free Bear Hugs #2: Brandt Roessler
19 years!
Heavy Machinery: Toss and catch
Downtime this morning
POTM #125: Killer McKenzie vs Raymond Rowe

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News ID 1760 - 2017-12-10: Super Destroyer destroys Cliff Thomas with four consecutive bearhugs. Super Destroyer... or Super Bearhugger? - Sunday December 10th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Boy (id Boy) submitted this video last month where The Super Destroyer destroys Cliff Thomas in four consecutive bearhugs. Given his affinity for bearhugs, shouldn't he be called The Super Bearhugger instead?

If you haven't voted yet on this video under Link ID 3609, now's your chance to get +1,000 bearhug points.

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News ID 1759 - 2017-12-05: A few new-ish companies :) New companies: 88Wrestling - Tuesday December 5th 2017   [ Back to top ]

This new company seems to have appeared not too long ago. I was only aware of it when someone submitted a bearhug from their products. From its initial design, it looks like a clone of Rock Hard Wrestling, or perhaps they used the same selling brand/framework.

It's a bit too early to tell how well these guys will fare, but like many other startups, they can use your feedback as to what products they should develop over the coming months. It is not uncommon that these guys pick up on bearhug requests or any particular fantasy their fans ask for.

There is also these following two companies which I have not mentioned here before, but they could be of potential interest to us:

You can check out these links and more of their competitors by consulting the Links Section.

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News ID 1758 - 2017-12-01: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... - Friday December 1st 2017   [ Back to top ]

A friend sent me this and I couldn't resist posting it.

This genuine bearhug comes from James Lechelt's instagram. Incidentally, I also added his bearhugs in the Uploads section and his pic in the Contenders section, so make sure you give him a little nod.. just for sharing with us his teddy bear bearhug.

If you check out his Instagram, you can watch the video version of the bearhug.

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News ID 1757 - 2017-11-18: The bearhug from today features Saul Adams bearhugging Damien Dunne. POTM #127: Saul Adams vs Damian Dunne - Saturday November 18th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Today's bearhug features Saul Adams bearhugging Damien Dunne from Wrestle Midlands.

The beard is a bit too long for me, but I still wouldn't mind a bearhug from this big lug.

Most of you have already voted on this, but if you haven't, there is currently a +4,000 bonus points on it.

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News ID 1756 - 2017-11-16: Just a little rant on selectivity and technology. Selectivity and technology - Thursday November 16th 2017   [ Back to top ]

I was reading this article the other day that a friend sent to me. It's a BBC article about the creator of Gaydar who recently passed away. His website helped the gay community find each other, pulling them out of isolation, especially in countries where being gay is still not widely accepted.

It has its consequence as well. For example, the article mentions that it made the gay community too selective and that sites like Grindr and Gaydar may be the leading cause of the closure of gay bars.

The notion of selectivity evidently applies as well for sites like this one, or MeetFighters or Globalfight. During the times where classified ads in your vintage gay magazine was the only way to reach out to someone, you'd be happy to see a single wrestler in the whole directory of ads of gay men. Snail mail was the communication of choice and you'd wait for weeks to get a response and several months to plan a wrestling meet. Driving several hours to meet this one other wrestler who seemed to be the only other guy that wrestles in the planet was not uncommon. The choice back then being much smaller, one couldn't afford to be selective. The web changed all that. For most, it made it easier, but for some, it isolated them even more.

Every week, I find fake users who post pictures of the perfect bodybuilders that are from somebody else, not theirs. I close their profiles and I sometimes think of their backstory. Maybe that person experienced the disgust of being rejected countless amount of times and maybe that person wants the attention they could have had if they had the perfect body. Maybe seeing people drool over them gives them the satisfaction or the happiness they need to go on.

While you can't make things perfect for everybody, you can try to improve it for most people. Making the web a better place for gay men to wrestle other gay men became my new objective after I realized that I wasn't the only who shared this wrestling passion. The road to my objective was obviously rocky, but the end result definitely was well worth the effort even if it came with a few drawbacks. Knowing that I made a difference by reading the feedback I got from several users on how it reshaped or changed their lives is definitely a hint that I probably erred in the right direction.

Most sites have switched to the mobile format and I never really followed the trend or took the bandwagon. Will my site suffer because of it? Probably. Will I cry over it? Probably not. There isn't a month that goes by where I see technology evolving around me and the thing I work on becoming obsolete. No matter the changes and the transformation in the industry, I'm happy with my work and I'll keep on growing on it as long as the web continues to allow me to post content like this in the format of a web browser.

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News ID 1755 - 2017-11-03: Which bearhug is better?  Superstar and Barbarian against Starship Coyote?  Or Ivan vs Ivan? Rediscovering gems - Friday November 3rd 2017   [ Back to top ]

I was cleaning up the links section by removing or assessing the broken sites and videos. However, most of the broken YouTube links can just be replaced by new ones. Chances are that if a video was taken down, then it was probably re-uploaded by someone else. This was the case for these two nice bearhugs I had the pleasure to re-discover:

Starship Coyote, or a young Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), gets to be in Superstar Billy Graham's bearhug. After a long and intimate hold, he tags out and asks The Barbarian to continue wearing out his opponent by bearhugging him some more. This is a nightmare for the young Coyote, but it is a fantasy come true for many of us.

You will need to fast forward to the 4:30 mark to see the exchange with The Barbarian.

In this next one, we get big heavyweights and powerstuds, mainly the Ivans: Putski and Koloff are determined to show who packs the better punch... or the better bearhug.

Putski was always one of my favorite as a kid. Who can say no to his awesome build and his charisma on the ring?

You can find the links to these videos archived under Link ID 3554 and Link ID 3569. If you haven't placed a vote yet, you can get +1,000 bearhug points from each of them.

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News ID 1754 - 2017-10-31: Boy added a couple of links pointing to bearhug videos on YouTube. Links - Tuesday October 31st 2017   [ Back to top ]

Boy (id 1404) added a couple of links pointing to bearhug videos on YouTube. You can actually check his whole collection by clicking here. You'll find a mix of current pro, old school and independent promotions.

This one below is an excerpt from WWA4 wrestling where The Big Bear Boone bearhugs Prince Apollo to submission.

You'll get a +2,500 bearhug points bonus if you vote on this video.

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News ID 1753 - 2017-10-21: Wrestling game - Saturday October 21st 2017   [ Back to top ]

MuscleLover (id 11686) asked me to give a howler out for him for a personal project he is working on: it's a card game based on bodybuilding and a little bit of wrestling.

The site he is using is a Kickstarter equivalent so his project is entirely sponsored through individuals like us (so, crowd funding). If you're interested, have a look at the ideas he has in mind:

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News ID 1752 - 2017-09-22: POTM #126: Amateur Time! - Friday September 22nd 2017   [ Back to top ]

It's amateur time! It's about time for them to get some more limelight. I'll post a couple of my favorites:

Bilyal Makhov and Luis Felipe Vivenes are locked up in this test of strength.

Cenk Ildem clearly has Elis Guri in control. You gotta love hugging those Bulgarian wrestlers!

Last, but not least, these guys below still need identification. Although I have to admit, identifying them is probably next to impossible. The victim him doesn't seem to struggle that much...

You can vote on these bearhugs for a +1,500 bonus points each.

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News ID 1751 - 2017-09-13: Big John Studd vs Tony Atlas - Wednesday September 13th 2017   [ Back to top ]

What happens when two big wrestlers who both use the bearhug as a finisher are pitted against each other? Simple: They lock horn, duke it out in a test of strength to determine who's bearhug is the absolute strongest.

I actually thought that Big John Studd would dominate here, but apparently, Tony Atlas' bearhug is pretty devastating judging from Big John's reaction.

You'd think that Big John Studd's imposing size and height over Tony Atlas would actually do something, but apparently, size isn't everything. Or... Tony Atlas likes bearhugs so much that he can defend against it regardless of his opponents. The proof of it is that Big John Studd would struggle, express great pain and do everything in his power to escape Atlas' grip. On the other hand, Tony Atlas is simply telling Big John Studd to squeeze him as long as he wants.... even to the point of wiggling his torso and butt to taunt his opponent.

If you'd like some bonus points, you can vote on Link ID 3586 by giving your evaluation of this match up.

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News ID 1750 - 2017-09-02: Epiphany submitted new reviews :) More reviews - Saturday September 2nd 2017   [ Back to top ]

Epiphany (id 1458) is on a roll and there's no stopping him.

These are new reviews he wrote in the past two weeks. You can also check his complete listing by clicking here.

* Mutant vs Damien Rush
* Brute Baynard vs Kip Sorrell
* Steel vs Dolf
* Big Max vs Vic Scorp
* Brad Barnes vs Bryce Barrigan
* Vinny vs Scrappy

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News ID 1749 - 2017-08-27: Birdman provided us with a new chapter in his wrestling adventures! Birdman vs Wrestluchador - Sunday August 27th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Birdman (id 1269) took the time today to write a match between him and Wrestluchador (id 10050).

The language that Birdman originally employed in his scenario is Spanish, but I went in his text and tried to give to the best of my knowledge an English equivalent. You will be given the option at the beginning of the match to select Spanish or English. The English I gave is not perfect because I got the translation from Google. We all now that the translation algorithm doesn't really understand the exact meaning of some words, sentences and expressions. It also has trouble picking up the context of a given situation (especially wrestling). Hence, I've altered the returned text from Google to make it a bit more legible, but it's still not a perfect 100% translation from Spanish. Feel free to correct my changes by providing me with alternative descriptions to some or all of the sections of his match.

Anyway, the result is in Match ID 333 which you can read now. Please do provide Birdman with a nice thumbs up and a few comments to encourage him to provide us a third chapter. He's one of the few match contributors that is still willing to take the time to write a story and share his pictures. Thank you!

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News ID 1748 - 2017-08-18: I spoke about Barbaric Brawn all the way back in 2014, but this guy deserves a spotlight of his own. Barbaric Brawn - Friday August 18th 2017   [ Back to top ]

I spoke about Barbaric Brawn all the way back in 2014, but that blogger and artist really deserves a spotlight on his own.

The webmaster is Chris and he is very dedicated to his work. He maintained and uploaded computer-generated imagery on his blog since 2011. The topics he focuses on is very varied: it goes from cops to muscle worship, from father vs son to superheroes, from spanking to bondage and much much more. There's really something for everyone in his blog. Most of his collection comes with a complete storyline that connects the dots between his images and you'll see that this fellow has an imagination way beyond mine.

We've spoke a bit in the past and he's a very nice guy. We both found out that we were influenced by a wrestling video game called "Saturday Night Slam Masters" in our younger years. It was however our preference in characters that were slightly different: he would go for Biff and Gunloc, while I would pit Jumbo and Scorpion at each other.

Here's one of his masterpieces where Hercules and Ares are battling it out on the sacred grounds of mount Olympia!

Check the Uploads section for more of his bearhugs. Note that you are probably better off seeing them directly on his site because I have to require a log in on most of his images. It's the only way for me to perform age verification since his artwork is intended for mature audiences.

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News ID 1747 - 2017-08-15: A new review has been submitted by Ephpany. Review: Beast vs Fang - Tuesday August 15th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Epiphany (id 1458) took the time to write a very lengthy (!!!) review of the match between Beast vs Fang from Thunder's Arena. You can read all about it under Review ID 144 or check out the listing of all of his reviews.

With the last review before that being written about 8 months ago, I'd like to thank Epiphany personally for bringing in some fresh air. In case you are interesting in writing reviews, keep in mind that reviews can be much shorter and it's okay to summarize it in one or two pages or even one or two paragraphs explaining your point of view, likes and dislikes of the product.

If you don't have a the video at hand, get in touch with me and I'll see if I can get a friend to lend you a copy.

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News ID 1746 - 2017-07-28: Firebrand shares with us a nice peplum bearhug from the good old days. The Rebel Gladiator - Friday July 28th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Firebrand (id 2372) shows us that the peplum movies from the good ol' days were filled with testosterone. It was an era where bearhugs (albeit, short ones) was a common thing. It was a great way to display your superior strength in combat over your opponent.

What is it with gladiators and bearhugs? So much masculinity! These shirtless guys just can't wait to hug another shirtless buddy. Not that we should be complaining...

Anyhow, if you enjoyed this, make sure you give a good rating to Database Entry ID 2514.

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News ID 1745 - 2017-07-12: Another cute guy who gives free bear hugs. Free Bear Hugs #2: Brandt Roessler - Wednesday July 12th 2017   [ Back to top ]

A friend of mine sent me this while he surfed on Brandt Roessler's Instagram account. When I see a guy with a t-shirt like this, he immediately gets a freebie pass for the Contenders section.

Of course I'd ask you to give me a free bear hug... if I was in NYC. The guy complained that he "Wore my new favorite tank top to the gym twice today and yet not a single person wanted a bear hug".

Maybe he's a bit too intimidating? Or too cute?

Make sure you give him a good rating for Contender ID 902.

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News ID 1744 - 2017-06-26: 19 years! 19 years! - Monday June 26th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Yep, another year went by! 19 years already. One more year and it'll be the big 20.

Since I don't really know what to say or write aside from expressing my heartfelt thanks to you guys for your undying support, I'll just go ahead and write down a few stats:

Profiles: 9,300

The growth in profiles was a bit in the recent years since I've never really shifted for mobile support. Time and learning of new languages are constraints that prevented me to do so, but I have to say that I am happy with this small growth. I did say previously that I like this little hub to stay small since it's easier to manage.

It's nothing like the 100,000+ members that Globalfight and MeetFighters probably have, but each have their downside in terms of administrating their users and making everyone happy.

Uploads: 30,500

This wouldn't be the bearhug site if it didn't hold a heavy load of bearhug images. I would have to say that I am very satisfied how often this section is used. As much as I want to create new categories in order to find easily an obscure bearhug, one third of these bearhugs are still everyone's favorite lifted frontal bearhug and a third of these bearhugs don't have any company names listed.. which does make finding them a bit hard, unfortunately.

On the bright side, we're getting more and more higher quality images with the development of better lens and cameras. So now, you can probably view some of these bearhugs on your flat screen HD 4k TV.

Links: 3,235

I was hoping to populate this with personal home pages, but time really showed that it's all about social networks. 1,420 links alone are linking to YouTube videos. Personal home pages are a disappearing trend because of the amount of work required to maintain them. Most of those sites shifted into a blog format, which is much easier to search and categorize. Writing a daily or weekly post also requires much less effort.

Database: 2,155

It's a small section, but it has it's fan base. The stories section is a gold mine for the likers of the genre. The movies and TV shows are more and less used nowadays. It does have its purpose and I still use it now and then to recall a bearhug I've seen since eons ago.

The other remaining sections are small enough, so I won't discuss about them.

But all in all, it's been a blast and it's nice to see that everything is still up and running and that you guys are still around to submit new content, create new profiles and upload more of your images. Thank you.

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News ID 1743 - 2017-06-18: The Heavy Machinery tag team came up with a new type of toss and catch bearhug. Heavy Machinery: Toss and catch - Sunday June 18th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Paul M (id 639) shared with us a very nice interesting bearhug combination: it is a tag team maneuver that involves a bearhug and then a toss and catch bearhug by the second teammate.

A video is worth a hundred thousand words... or was it a thousand? You can view this special hold under Clip ID 310. You will see a short 90 second clip that does not require any points.

If you are more of a picture type of guy, then you can check out a few of the screenshots taken.

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News ID 1742 - 2017-06-03: The server had a bit of downtime this morning and probably yesterday. Downtime this morning - Saturday June 3rd 2017   [ Back to top ]

The server had a bit of downtime this morning and probably yesterday. My hosting service was issuing an upgrade and some of the stuff had to be reconfigured.

Everything should be back online now... I think.

I have been a bit busy lately, so please forgive me for the lack of site updates. Rest assured that whenever the site goes down, I will always rush to bring it back online as soon as possible.

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News ID 1741 - 2017-04-23: POTM #125: Killer McKenzie vs Raymond Rowe - Sunday April 23rd 2017   [ Back to top ]

The way this shot was taken, it looks as if it came straight from a movie. It features "Killer" McKenzie giving a devastating bearhug to the bearded and tattooed Raymond "Death" Rowe.

If this came from a movie, what would be the plot? Well... let me cook something up quickly:

Raymond Death Rowe is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. An unscrupulous organization pays the prison to have criminals fight in the ring, paying them nothing, but offering them freedom by bribing officials if they manage to win a dozen matches in a row. The organization manages to create a buzz and hype for this kind of event and they rake in a lot of cash from thousands of attendees swarming in from all over the country to attend the show. Raymond trains hard for this and fights his way through the tournament. He valiantly and bravely wins against 11 of his competitors, all fighting fiercely to get a ticket out of prison.

In his last match, an exhausted Raymond Death Rowe faces the ruthless Killer McKenzie. Everybody knows that a match with Killer McKenzie means a guaranteed loss, but Raymond refuses to give up. Killer McKenzie is actually hired by the organization to make sure that no one ever gets their 12th win and hence, never leave the prison. He is known for his deadly bearhugs, where he breaks the back of his opponents, basically barring them from competing ever again. Raymond fights to the finish, but he gets caught in Killer's killing bearhug! As Killer McKenzie crushes him in a bearhug, he whispers in Raymond Rowe's ear that he is the real criminal and that he organized everything to frame it all on Raymond.

Hearing this, an infuriated Raymond miraculously breaks free from the bearhug and manages to knock the Great Killer McKenzie unconscious, winning the fight and claiming his freedom. Looks like a great cliché B-Movie for a Monday evening. I just hope I won't get sued for writing down this kind of crap.

By the way, if you feel like it, feel free to vote on the other images in this set. Each of them has a minimum +500 bearhug points bonus per picture.

The video of the match was originally provided by TheChanges23 (id 3876) under Link ID 3420.

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