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POTM #128: Bringing back amateur wrestling - Wednesday February 7th 2018   [ Back to top ]

Luchador Vikingo (id 12510) uploaded this bearhug last month and I personally feel it deserves a spot as Pic of the Moment.

Considering that amateur or greco-roman wrestling is usually fast-paced, shots like these are quite unique because they catch the essence of an intimate bearhug that the public would not have caught otherwise.

I still don't know who are these wrestlers, so if you happen to do know their identity, please be kind enough to fill in the blanks. Head straight to Upload ID 40128 and share with us your knowledge.

I initially thought this came from Wrestle Arena, but it is nearly impossible to locate a single image through the infinite content and the endless galleries these guys are offering us. It may also be possible that the version of the above image is cropped since I wasn't able to locate it either through a reverse image search. Usually, a Google reverse image search is intelligent enough to locate the original of an image even if it has been modified, but if on top of that you've altered the quality, change its contrast or brightness, it may be enough to throw it off. We're still not yet in an era of advanced artificial intelligence to allow these systems to correlate all of our faces in the grandeur of all our facial expressions. I'll actually come back on this statement in a decade or two to see how wrong I will be.