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The Crusher vs Victor Jovica - Sunday January 21st 2018   [ Back to top ]

I should stop posting YouTube links because they disappear faster than I can post them, but this one seems to have survived the ravages of time. After all, if it was not removed since 2011, then it will probably last a few more decades.

I am wondering how I come I never posted this one before. It's a rare gem and one of the longer bearhugs I've seen in professional wrestling... probably the longest that the World Wrestling Council (WWC) has ever produced (just kidding). In this clip, The Crusher starts bearhugging Victor Jovica. Jovica fights out of it several times, but The Crusher keeps hugging him back again and again. Eventually, Victor Jovica counter attacks with a bearhug of his own. The quality is poor, but you can still see the bearhug nicely enough.

It's archived under Link ID 221 and you can still put your vote on it for some bearhug balls... or points.

That being said, you can also check the GIF animation that was created out of it under Upload ID 40026 for even greater bearhug balls.