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About illustrations and CGI artwork - Wednesday January 10th 2018   [ Back to top ]

Lately, I've been receiving a handful of removal requests from artists who claimed that they've never given anyone the permission to post their artwork on this site.

If you are about to post a bearhug illustration or CGI artwork coming from sites like Furaffinity or DeviantArt , but even Twitter and Tumblr, please make sure you've obtained the permission of those artists (unless of course, you're the artist, owner or commissioner).

Photographs "sort of" take a second to take, but artists spend hours, if not days, to make an illustration perfect, which is why I can understand why these artists are conveying to me their frustration when their masterpieces are posted elsewhere uncredited or copied and used without their consent or knowledge.

Most artwork will come with a signature or at least the initials of the owner. Out of respect for them, please don't edit or crop that out either. In fact, try not to alter their image in any way. The only exception is when you are attempting to convert it to a valid image format.

In any case, we can already see the impact of people cropping out watermarks. For example, I've been seeing recently quite a few companies and individuals taking an aggressive stance by putting their watermark on the whole image rather than on a corner or on the side of a border. They put it in such a way that makes cropping impossible. As a result, the watermark itself completely destroys the image. I mean how awful is it to have a nice bearhug with big letters on it that says "Property of XYZ"? If everyone respected other people's work by keeping re-posted images intact, we wouldn't have to deal with this sort of crap, really.