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FNBS #1: Full nelson body scissors - Tuesday December 26th 2017   [ Back to top ]

In another life, this page could have been called "The Full Nelson Body Scissors Submission Page" . It would probably have a web address like or or something tediously long of the sort... So maybe it's a good idea I stayed with the bearhug.

Most people are stronger in their legs than in their arms, so they are more likely to give better body scissors than bearhugs.

Anyway, since I like this hold so much, I was thinking of posting pics of it once in a blue moon. Here's Vinny applying one on Blayne. This one is from Ringwars 47 from Thunder's Arena.

Maybe one day I should open a separate section for other specific holds, but truth be told, I'm already spending a lot of time maintaining the Bearhug Uploads, so I'll take it easy instead. One little baby step at a time.