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Rediscovering gems - Friday November 3rd 2017   [ Back to top ]

I was cleaning up the links section by removing or assessing the broken sites and videos. However, most of the broken YouTube links can just be replaced by new ones. Chances are that if a video was taken down, then it was probably re-uploaded by someone else. This was the case for these two nice bearhugs I had the pleasure to re-discover:

Starship Coyote, or a young Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), gets to be in Superstar Billy Graham's bearhug. After a long and intimate hold, he tags out and asks The Barbarian to continue wearing out his opponent by bearhugging him some more. This is a nightmare for the young Coyote, but it is a fantasy come true for many of us.

You will need to fast forward to the 4:30 mark to see the exchange with The Barbarian.

In this next one, we get big heavyweights and powerstuds, mainly the Ivans: Putski and Koloff are determined to show who packs the better punch... or the better bearhug.

Putski was always one of my favorite as a kid. Who can say no to his awesome build and his charisma on the ring?

You can find the links to these videos archived under Link ID 3554 and Link ID 3569. If you haven't placed a vote yet, you can get +1,000 bearhug points from each of them.