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Birdman vs Wrestluchador - Sunday August 27th 2017   [ Back to top ]

Birdman (id 1269) took the time today to write a match between him and Wrestluchador (id 10050).

The language that Birdman originally employed in his scenario is Spanish, but I went in his text and tried to give to the best of my knowledge an English equivalent. You will be given the option at the beginning of the match to select Spanish or English. The English I gave is not perfect because I got the translation from Google. We all now that the translation algorithm doesn't really understand the exact meaning of some words, sentences and expressions. It also has trouble picking up the context of a given situation (especially wrestling). Hence, I've altered the returned text from Google to make it a bit more legible, but it's still not a perfect 100% translation from Spanish. Feel free to correct my changes by providing me with alternative descriptions to some or all of the sections of his match.

Anyway, the result is in Match ID 333 which you can read now. Please do provide Birdman with a nice thumbs up and a few comments to encourage him to provide us a third chapter. He's one of the few match contributors that is still willing to take the time to write a story and share his pictures. Thank you!