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Barbaric Brawn - Friday August 18th 2017   [ Back to top ]

I spoke about Barbaric Brawn all the way back in 2014, but that blogger and artist really deserves a spotlight on his own.

The webmaster is Chris and he is very dedicated to his work. He maintained and uploaded computer-generated imagery on his blog since 2011. The topics he focuses on is very varied: it goes from cops to muscle worship, from father vs son to superheroes, from spanking to bondage and much much more. There's really something for everyone in his blog. Most of his collection comes with a complete storyline that connects the dots between his images and you'll see that this fellow has an imagination way beyond mine.

We've spoke a bit in the past and he's a very nice guy. We both found out that we were influenced by a wrestling video game called "Saturday Night Slam Masters" in our younger years. It was however our preference in characters that were slightly different: he would go for Biff and Gunloc, while I would pit Jumbo and Scorpion at each other.

Here's one of his masterpieces where Hercules and Ares are battling it out on the sacred grounds of mount Olympia!

Check the Uploads section for more of his bearhugs. Note that you are probably better off seeing them directly on his site because I have to require a log in on most of his images. It's the only way for me to perform age verification since his artwork is intended for mature audiences.