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POTM #125: Killer McKenzie vs Raymond Rowe - Sunday April 23rd 2017   [ Back to top ]

The way this shot was taken, it looks as if it came straight from a movie. It features "Killer" McKenzie giving a devastating bearhug to the bearded and tattooed Raymond "Death" Rowe.

If this came from a movie, what would be the plot? Well... let me cook something up quickly:

Raymond Death Rowe is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. An unscrupulous organization pays the prison to have criminals fight in the ring, paying them nothing, but offering them freedom by bribing officials if they manage to win a dozen matches in a row. The organization manages to create a buzz and hype for this kind of event and they rake in a lot of cash from thousands of attendees swarming in from all over the country to attend the show. Raymond trains hard for this and fights his way through the tournament. He valiantly and bravely wins against 11 of his competitors, all fighting fiercely to get a ticket out of prison.

In his last match, an exhausted Raymond Death Rowe faces the ruthless Killer McKenzie. Everybody knows that a match with Killer McKenzie means a guaranteed loss, but Raymond refuses to give up. Killer McKenzie is actually hired by the organization to make sure that no one ever gets their 12th win and hence, never leave the prison. He is known for his deadly bearhugs, where he breaks the back of his opponents, basically barring them from competing ever again. Raymond fights to the finish, but he gets caught in Killer's killing bearhug! As Killer McKenzie crushes him in a bearhug, he whispers in Raymond Rowe's ear that he is the real criminal and that he organized everything to frame it all on Raymond.

Hearing this, an infuriated Raymond miraculously breaks free from the bearhug and manages to knock the Great Killer McKenzie unconscious, winning the fight and claiming his freedom. Looks like a great cliché B-Movie for a Monday evening. I just hope I won't get sued for writing down this kind of crap.

By the way, if you feel like it, feel free to vote on the other images in this set. Each of them has a minimum +500 bearhug points bonus per picture.

The video of the match was originally provided by TheChanges23 (id 3876) under Link ID 3420.