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Jos LeDuc bearhugs Perry Jackson to submission and beyond - Friday March 17th 2017   [ Back to top ]

I thought I posted this one before, but I apparently haven't.

Jos Leduc plays the gimmick of a Canadian lumberjack that just won't stop crushing his opponent, even after a successful submission. The referee asks him constantly to stop, but it's the manager who must come in and save the day...

Can you hear the crowd boo?

You gotta love the announcer:

"...In a tremendous bearhug! .. Jackson says he will submit! The pressure is too intense! But Leduc is not letting him loose. Keeps the pressure and eyeballs him. Ringo now slowly comes into the ring and tries to tell him to release, but he just puts on more pressure. Come on, let him go! You might break his back!"

I bet he had a blast commenting this match.

This was previously submitted by Boy (id 1404) just a couple of months ago. You can rate this under Link ID 3545 to get a +3,000 points bonus.