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SamLoveBearHugs vs Hard4You - Saturday December 31st 2016   [ Back to top ]

SamLovesBearhugs (id 1238) has his own way to wish us a Happy New Year: he posted on the site about a hundred bearhug pictures he made with Hard4You (id 1922).

You can take a look at his new collection by clicking here. In my opinion, some of the shots are pretty impressive. The size of Hard4You probably implies that his bearhugs are quite powerful.

I do realize that not all the images that were posted are bearhugs, but since Sam kindly shared his personal photography from his own matches with us, I've decided to make an exception. On top of that, he posted the full scale originals, which are larger than what your desktop wallpaper can hold.

Please guys, don't be tough on your rating. If you think you can do better than this, then by all means, please share with us your own bearhugs.