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4 clips for the New Year :) - Friday December 30th 2016   [ Back to top ]

I know I'm a little bit early to talk about the New Year, but since I won't be available for the coming days, I might as well throw this in now.

I added two video clips with low points requirement. They can be unlocked with a trust rating of 4 and 8 or greater and they demand respectively 20,170 or 2,000 points to unlock. Check out the Clips Section and the Unlock Hints for more information. You will need to be logged in to see the clips, otherwise, they will be hidden and invisible.

The third video clip is free for all. I ran through some of Paul Isadora's bearhug. Yes, this massive, tall and beastly monster who can probably crush any poor (or lucky) victim that gets stuck in his arms. Anyway, I've noticed that the Reno Wrestling Factory took one of his matches down. With this wrestling association having very little visibility and probably a high chance of disappearing like most small organizations, I doubt that most of us will ever be able to view the video again. Luckily, I happened to have kept a copy of the bearhug.

It is now accessible under Clip ID 302.

The last video clip is based on the Request List. If you previously made a request and don't see your request anymore, chances are that it might have become available. If your request is still there, then try to team up instead with one of your peers to boost the video chances for that bearhug.

As a side note, you can also check the Uploads section for a good batch of new bearhugs pics that I've added today.