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Review: Mark Muscle vs Scrappy - Tuesday December 6th 2016   [ Back to top ]

Rob (id 1307) took the time to write a new review considering that our last review dates as far back as more than a year ago...

The review is about the match pitting Mark Muscle against Scrappy in Vegas Battle 7. You can read all about his perspective and opinion of this match under Review ID 140.

Many thanks to Rob for reviving the section with his new submission. Truth be told, writing a review is almost as painful as writing a match. It takes quite a bit of time, you need to gather screenshots, write down your thoughts and put them all together. I'll be working on a feature to auto-post to a textual-only review all the bearhugs related to the match. The system would take the images directly from the Bearhug Uploads section. Maybe I can get this done on the holidays.