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Jobberboy vs Shawty - Monday December 5th 2016   [ Back to top ]

We have Jobberboy (id 482) vs Shawty (id 520) in a match published and written by Jobberboy himself.

You can check it out under

- Match ID 323: Jobber vs Shawty: Two Small Men Finally Meet.

Please do take the time to comment and upvote their match. We don't get much matches like these nowadays.

While you're at it, you might have missed this two matches:

- Match ID 320: Birdman vs Wrestluchador: La Venganza de Birdman


- Match ID 315: Darius vs Frank the Tank: The Rematch, 3rd Fall

I know the interface to create match is still terrible and time consuming, but I haven't found a way yet to make it simpler. So, please be mindful and thankful of anyone who submits a match because they actually go through the whole tedious process to be able to share a match with all of us.