About me
(and wrestling)

For general information about me, you can check this page first.

To start up, let me point out that I don't normally wrestle with masks. I use masks in the pictures only to protect my opponents' identity and my own.

I wrestle any builds, sizes or ages. I do it for fun and have tried a lot of styles. I don't mind learning new ones. My preferred styles are horseplay and give-n-take. I have tried pro, pro-sub, pro-fantasy, competitive, submission, promission and I do adult style only if the chemistry is right.

Loserboy isn't a name I came with on my own. It was the first wrestler I fought (Anonymus) that gave me that name and ever since, I kept it. Then again, if you fought with someone that's 110 lbs, 1'1" larger, more athletic and stronger than you, you'd probably be a loser boy too.

I don't actually lose all of my matches, but I generally prefer to lose. Yes, I'm much more of a jobber, although I have been a heel to some people and don't mind heeling, jobbing or being versatile. In some of my matches, I had a wrestler who wished me to be the heel and dominate the whole match. That ain't a problem for me :)

I've also wrestled against people who only like a single hold. For example, I have applied a head scissor for a guy who likes only that hold and I've put him in the hold for an hour or two. In contrast, I have also met people who only like to apply a single hold, that person applied on me a head scissor for hours. I try to adapt to all styles, preferences and tastes.

I live in Montreal, Canada and I'm 5'4", 155 lbs. If you are near my area, please buzz me and maybe we can set up a match or two. Don't worry, I never bring my camera on a first match (unless my opponent insists) and I always ask for permission to take and post pictures whenever they are taken.

My other favorite wrestling holds, aside from bearhugs (from which I maintain a website about it weekly), includes the body scissor-full nelson combo, the torture rack, the camel clutch and the boston crab.

I'd describe myself as an easy-going guy, generally shy, but trying to be open as much things as possible. I love meeting people for wrestling.

If you wish to know more about me, you can reach me with this e-mail address: loserboy200@yahoo.ca

For a list of some of my matches, you can visit this page:

For my wrestling group, check out:

Limitations and restrictions

Maneuver Tolerance
Biting None
Body Compression High
Body Stretching Medium to High
Breath Control None
Chokes Minimal
Claws Medium
Direct Hits/Landings Minimal
Face Punching None
Face Slapping Minimal
Groin Claws Low to Medium
Groin Grabs High
Groin Hits None
Gut Punching Low to Medium
Hair pulling None
Nerve Holds Last resort only
Nipple Holds High
Tickling Medium
Continued submission Low (1st match)
Medium (after 1st match)
Based on comfort

Wrestling hold tolerance (receiving end)

Hold Tolerance
Ankle Lock Minimal
Armbar Low
Arm scissors Medium
Bearhug hands inside Medium to High
Bearhug hands outside High
Bearhug with wrist variant Medium
Body Scissors (legs in front) High
Body Scissors (legs on the side) Medium
Boston Crab Medium
Bow and Arrow None
Camel Clutch Medium to High
Chinlock Low
Crucifix Medium
Dragon Sleeper Low to Medium
Figure-Four Leglock Low
Full Nelson Medium to High
Grapevine Medium
Hammerlock Minimal
Hangman Low
Headlock Medium
Head scissors Medium to High
Indian Deathlock Low
Inverted Bearhug High
Knee Backbreaker Medium to High
Leg Split Medium
Leg Lock Low to Medium
Leg Scissors High
Reverse Bearhug High
Reverse Figure-Four Leglock Low
Toe Hold None
Torture Rack Medium to High
One-Shoulder Backbreaker Medium
Sleepers Low to Medium
Surfboard Medium
Arm Bar-Headscissors Low
Bearhug-Body Scissors High
Bearhug-Grapevine High
Bearhug-Head scissors Low
Body Scissors-Groin Claw High
Body Scissors-Surfboard Medium to High
Body Scissors-Sleeper Medium
Body Scissors-Nipple Hold High
Boston Crab-Chinlock Minimal
Camel-Full Nelson Low to Medium
Camel-Nipple Hold High
Camel-Sleeper Low
Camel-Surfboard Medium
Chinlock-Indian Deathlock Low to Medium
Dragon Sleeper-Nipple Hold Medium
Full Nelson-Body Scissors High
Full Nelson-Grapevine Medium to High
Groin Claw-Torture Rack Medium to High
Groin Claw-Inverted Bearhug High
Hammerlock-Headlock Minimal
Hammerlock-Head Scissors Minimal
Hammerlock-Indian Deathlock Low
Head Scissors-Surfboard Low
Knee Backbreaker-Groin Claw Medium

Well, thank you for reading all this crap :)


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