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ID Website Title Link Category Date addedHitsRating
3583 IWS wrestling
Wrestling Associations2017-08-061390.00
3582 Rocky Mountain Thunder vs Mike Richards
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-07-302157.00 (3)
3581 Kahn bearhugs Millman
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-07-301849.00 (1)
3580 Frank Fargo vs. Grizzly Boone
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-07-252460.00
3579 The Texas Hangmen vs Invader 1 and Carlos Colon
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-07-251770.00
3576 John Elijah bearhugs Chic Cullen
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-06-064120.00
3575 Muscle Collection bearhug
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-06-053388.00 (1)
3571 Rick Rude bearhugs Eddie Roberts
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-05-1820410.00 (1)
3569 The American Starship vs Superstar Billy Graham and the Barbarian
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-05-083819.00 (3)
3567 Engage in battle
Video link (bearhug video)2017-04-304658.33 (3)
3566 Claudio Castagnoli bearhugs Charlie Haas
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-273839.00 (3)
3565 Mark Henry bearhugs Goldberg
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-232612.00 (1)
3564 Ten Pounder: Sammy Scrapper bearhugs Sam Smiler
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-233169.00 (1)
3563 Warlord bearhugs Paul Roma
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-04-123256.67 (3)
3562 Two Muscle Friends Fight - Gay Play
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-064515.00 (2)
3561 Unbreakable Bearhug: Beyond Genetics
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-04-063687.75 (4)
3560 Muscleboy Wrestling
Wrestling Video Companies2017-04-048178.00 (2)
3559 Derek Stone bearhugs Trevor Murdoch
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-313555.67 (3)
3558 Dan O’Hare bearhugs Ace Austin
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-312895.50 (4)
3556 Kameron Kade bearhugs Chase Cauliflower Brown
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-174048.67 (3)
3555 Rob Adonis bearhugs Lee Thomas
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-173427.50 (2)
3554 Ivan Koloff vs Ivan Putski
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-1622110.00 (2)
3553 Todd Champion bearhugged by Krusher Kruschev
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-03-103526.00 (5)
3552 Warlord vs Kerry Von Erich
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-242889.00 (2)
3551 Barbarian bearhugs Hercules Hernandez
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-232788.00 (1)
3550 Crush bearhugs Tito Santana
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-222338.00 (1)
3549 Warlord bearhug Paul Roma
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-02-173779.00 (2)
3548 Lex Luger bearhugs Kent Glover
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-132750.00
3547 Mark Jindrak bearhugs Paul London
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-112619.00 (1)
3545 Jos LeDuc bearhugs Perry Jackson to submission and beyond
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-046518.53 (17)
3544 Paul Roma bearhugged by Nikolai Volkoff
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-043159.50 (4)
3543 Demolition tag team bearhug Shawn Michaels
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-02-032539.00 (1)
3542 Steve Austin bearhugs Ricky Steamboat
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-01-243148.00 (4)
3541 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Terry Gibbs
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-195368.00 (21)
3540 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Barry O
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-193987.65 (20)
3539 Earthquake bearhugs Jason Hedding
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183277.67 (3)
3538 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Brian Mackney to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-184358.05 (20)
3537 Ted Arcidi bearhugs AJ Petruzzi to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183737.76 (17)
3536 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Tiger Chung Lee to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183428.94 (16)
3535 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Tony Garea to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183218.86 (21)
3534 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Johnny K9 to submission
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183797.95 (21)
3533 Big Guy vs Little Guy
Commercial Bodybuilder Website2017-01-185478.00 (1)
3532 Ted Arcidi bearhugs Matt Borned (Taped Fist Match)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-183128.41 (17)
3531 Dizzy Hogan bearhugs Hack Sawyer
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-182749.50 (2)
3530 Hercules Hernandez and Paul Roma bearhug Shawn Michaels
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-172639.00 (3)
3529 Titan bearhugs Tom La Ruffa
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-173307.00 (1)
3528 Dragan Okic bearhugs Peter White
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-143427.25 (4)
3527 Roadblock bearhugs Jim Neidhart
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-1324610.00 (1)
3526 Rob Terry bearhugs Absolute Andy
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-043869.00 (2)
3525 Tony Atlas bearhugs Frankie Lancaster twice
YouTube link (wrestling video)2017-01-043219.00 (4)
3524 Makhan Singh (Norman The Lunatic) bearhugs Jim Brunzell
YouTube link (bearhug video)2017-01-012878.50 (2)
3523 Pat O'Connor vs. Ivan Rasputin
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-305318.00 (28)
3522 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Great Moto
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-303277.52 (23)
3521 Ivan Rasputin bearhugs Dick Afflis
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-303797.83 (24)
3520Bear Club For Men
3519 Diesel bearhugs Virgil (3 times)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-232869.00 (1)
3518 WWF Philadelphia Spectrum House Show (3 bearhugs)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-12-114678.67 (3)
3517 Dino Bravo Bearhugs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-11-214308.25 (4)
3516 WWF Prime Time Wrestling (6 bearhugs)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-11-188848.50 (6)
3514 The Barbarian bearhugs Saba Simba
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-11-062607.00 (1)
3513 Pro Muscle Wrestling: Fred bearhugs Max Diesel
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-10-226418.43 (7)
3512 Brian Milonas vs. Ace Romero
YouTube link (wrestling video)2016-10-206120.00
3510 Dino Bravo bearhugs Jim Powers
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-10-093919.00 (3)
3509 Tony Atlas bearhugs Tito Santana
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-10-023668.75 (4)
3508 Big Sky bearhugs Marcus Bagwell
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-10-013669.00 (1)
3507 Ron Simmons bearhugs Rip Rogers
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-10-012959.50 (2)
3506 Mark Henry bearhugs Sheamus O'Shaunessy
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-09-273488.00 (2)
3505 Andre the Giant vs. Johnny Rodz and Frank Rodriguez
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-296068.16 (19)
3504 Ken Patera bearhugs Pete Austin
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-294727.00 (1)
3503 Ivan Putski submits a Jan Nelson (+ Patera annd Serrano)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-274298.00 (1)
3502 Playboy Buddy Rose Bearhugs Paul Roma (and Barbarian bearhug)
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-273949.00 (1)
3501 Test bearhugs the Rock
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-272788.00 (1)
3500 Royce Isaacs hugs Cody Devine
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-08-245280.00
3499 Suffering Men
Tumblr Sites (Wrestling)2016-08-1810588.00 (1)
3498 Kid Muscle Jobber (Muscle Wrestlers Destroyed!)
Tumblr Sites (Wrestling)2016-08-189770.00
3497 Motel Wrestler
Wrestling Blogs2016-08-186988.00 (2)
3496 He is Out! (Sexily Beaten Wrestler)
Wrestling Blogs2016-08-188969.00 (2)
3495 Muscle Heaven
Muscle-related2016-08-145378.40 (5)
3494 Asian Rough Men
Tumblr Sites (Bears)2016-08-056123.50 (2)
3493 Wrestle Daddy
Tumblr Sites2016-08-059538.00 (1)
3492 Thunder’s Arena Wrestling Tumblr
Tumblr Sites (Wrestling)2016-08-018809.00 (1)
3491 Davey Boy vs Hercules
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-216769.17 (6)
3490 Ultimate Muscle
Personal Wrestling Website2016-07-195680.00
3489 Ultimate Muscle vs Ultimate Dominator
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-196475.50 (2)
3488Xavier vs Enzo
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-1863210.00 (1)
3487Another Bearhug Compilation
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-187068.50 (2)
3486NRW: Flash bearhugs The Nature Boy Jules Roman
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-184259.00 (2)
3485Calbrese bearhugs Meadlock
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-1836410.00 (2)
3484Bearhug Compilation
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-184748.50 (2)
3483Widowmaker bearhugs Calbrese
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-184629.67 (3)
3482Wade and Flash exchange bearhugs
Video link (bearhug video)2016-07-1833710.00 (2)
3481 Soldat Ustinov bearhugs Sonny Rogers
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-144267.00 (1)
3480 Steelmuscle God wrestling
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-124348.50 (2)
3479 Steelmuscle God wrestling
YouTube link (bearhug video)2016-07-122878.50 (2)

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