A page dedicated for the bearhug submission hold in wrestling.

What is the Bearhugger.net?

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What is the Bearhugger.net?

The Bearhugger.net (BSP) is simply a website dedicated to the bearhug submission hold found in wrestling.

Just like you would find a site dedicated to a particular wrestler, or a particular hobby, this site focuses on a single wrestling hold, which is the bearhug.

This site has a collection of images of bearhugs for personal use. These images are stored in the gallery section. However, some people come here not only to look at the galleries, but to look for other people who can trade bearhugs through the wrestling personals, to view information on movies containing bearhugs in one of the databases available here, to find links to other wrestling-related websites or just to hang around .

What is a bearhug?

I'll take the definitions directly from Dictionary.com and from Death Valley Driver since they are short and simple:

Bearhug: a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

Bearhug: the attacker stands face to face with the victim and wraps their arms around the victim's body and applies pressure.

The pictures below are examples of bearhugs. Optionally, the person applying a bearhug can lift his opponent off the ground to increase effectiveness. There are many variants of bearhugs, such as inverted and reverse bearhugs, but they will not be discussed here.

Examples of bearhugs

From the initial look, a bearhug looks silly and it can also seem ineffective. However, applied by a strong person, a bearhug hold can be fatal and can break an opponent's back.

The "bearhug" hold is often referred to its original two-words counterpart: "bear hug".

Why choose the bearhug?

The Bearhug is a submission hold that has become rather extinct in today's wrestling. Back in the 60s or 70s, this hold used to make the crowd react, stand up and cheer. It was a very popular finisher for any wrestler with great strength. Today, the bearhug is subjected to "boos" from almost everyone. It is even subjected to homophobic comments from reviewers. Not a single wrestler today would consider the use of the "bearhug" as a finisher without being smirked by fans, other wrestlers or commissioners.

The mission of this site is to keep the bearhug hold alive and to support it as much as possible. Some people may consider the bearhug hold to be boring, but to many others, it is one of the best holds in wrestling.

Bearhugs are a great way to perform a test of strength between two people. For example, two individuals can trade bearhugs to determine who can apply the strongest bearhug or who can make his opponent submit first.

Applying a bearhug is easy; making them effective is somewhat difficult. The bearhug hold demands great strength from the person who applies it.

Does the bearhug have a gay-side?

In general, I would say no. Like I said earlier, many men consider the trading of bearhugs as a test of strength and to show the potential of their manpower. Inviting an opponent in a bearhug test is no different than inviting an opponent to an arm wrestling match.

Some people enjoy trading bearhugs because of the physical contact, and yes, for some of them, the bearhug is something that turns them on. However, you would also find bearhugs between men and women, so bearhugs can be straight or gay just like any other wrestling activity or submission hold. Please note however that this site covers only men trading bearhugs to other men. There are specific sites that cover bearhugs traded between mixed genders or between women only. You can consult the site's FAQ if you wish to know more.

When was this site created?

The Bearhugger.net has been founded back in July 1998. It started on a Geocities server, but has moved since then to many servers. Its main pages are now located on the Prohosting server, while its news page are located on Tripod. This is necessary in case that Prohosting goes down. The main URL of the site is http://bearhug.cjb.net

Is bearhug a verb or a noun?

Depends on how you use it. "Bearhug" is a noun. "To hug" is a verb. So you can have "to bear hug" or "to bearhug". They are both commonly used on the net. You might be able to find the following as well:

Bearhugger: The person applying the hold
Bearhuggee: The victim of a bearhug hold
Bearhugged: Someone who has being caught in a bearhug
Bearhugging: The act of applying a bearhug on someone

I don't think these exist for real, but they are terms that were created out of familiarity or lack of existing words to describe them.

I'd like more info. Where can I find it?

Just go in the articles section and you'll find more information.

How can I reach you or talk to you?

Look for my contact information here. Scroll down for e-mail addresses and instant messaging information.

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