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ID:    2532
Title:    Action Man: Robot Atak
Who?    Dr X bearhugs Action Man
Year:    2004
Category:    Bearhug in movies
Sub-category:    Animation
Bearhug duration:    17-20 seconds
Rating:    6.00   Log in to vote
Contributor:    SamLovesBearHugs   (ID 1238)  
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  Bearhug description:  

Towards the 40:20 end mark of the climactic battle in this 45 minute CG-animated direct-to-video short ”movie” of the Hasbro toy line figurine/s - a Reverse Bearhug, with two Lasers threatening to blast Action Man!
Dr X wonders whether to crush Action Man slowly, or quickly?

Available on (UK) DVD.


The world’s leading toxin specialist, Professor Moran, is kidnapped by No-Face disguised as Action Man in order to frame him for the kidnapping and to get Moran to make him a mind control gas, making Action Man and Action Force wanted criminals and their base heavily guarded. No-Face has also built an army of X Robots which terrorize cities and rebuilds Dr.X back to life, who was previously defeated by Action Man. Action Force escape with some of their equipment & vehicles and go on the run while battling X Robots along the way. Action Man places a tracker on an X tank and tracks the robot’s location to Island X, where Action Force makes their way there and find out about Dr. X and No Face’s plan to turn the world’s people into their slaves. After several confrontations and battles, the evil plan is thwarted and the base is destroyed thanks to Flynt redirecting the missiles containing the gas to their launch point. Dr.X and No-Face survive the explosion.

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Date added:    2017-09-13
Date modified:    2017-09-26
Thumbnail added by:    Paul M   (ID 639)  
Entry last revised by:    SamLovesBearHugs   (ID 1238)  
Last revision comment:    description
Thumbnail ID:    1945   [ View large thumbnail ]
Hits:    349
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