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Version History

This section lists the change brought to the bearhug database system between versions.

Version 0.02

- Added additional options in the Database Panel to list results by specific type of categories or by specific order (i.e. List newest bearhug in movies or bearhug in TV shows by alphabetical order, etc.)

- Included add images and add thumbnail links on each entries.

- Entries can be viewed by date.

- For entries with no cover/thumbnails, the "no-cover" image can be clicked to add thumbnails.

- Added previous and next link on bearhug database images.

- Added categories: Entries with YouTube links, entries with images, entries with no thumbnails.

- Integrated "Bearhug Stories" and "Bearhug in comic books".

- Added comments listing.

- Integrated "Bearhug in Wrestling Events".

- Added alerts which can be edited by database operators and administrators.

- Added support for bearhugs in TV commercials.

- Integrated video clips with the database.

- Added a new field called 'Plot' which will separate the info gathered in 'Description'. (1:07 AM 29/07/2008)

- Support search by year. This looks for the year in "Year occurred", "Date occurred", "Year of the series" and "Date aired". (12:10 PM 08/02/2009)

- Entries can now have separate bearhugger and victim information. (9:41 PM 16/02/2009)

- Added quick search on the Database Panel. (7:50 PM 14/04/2009)

Version 0.01 (March 20 2008)

Initial version
Implemented the following:
- Database panel
- Newest entries
- Status of my entries
- My database entries
- My votes
- Updated entries
- View entries - Database entry submission (submit an entry)
- Information type selection page
- Add movie
- Add TV show
- Add TV cartoon
- Add thumbnail
- GUI and icon additions on view entries and on search results: YouTube links, Amazon links, icon that determines the type of the entry (movie, TV show, cartoon, etc.)