By Hearmeroar


I love the idea of big guys vs. small guys. Im only 58 and I recently wrestled a guy who is 66 . It was Scott against Doug. Im Doug.


Scott is huge, good looking and the picture of masculinity. At 66 , he just towers over me and is very agile for his size. He is over a full head taller than I am. In fact, I had to stretch to see over his shoulder. Thats how much taller he is. But I was determined to make the match at least competitive and not be humiliated.

Scott makes sure to flex his rock hard biceps as an intimidation factor. I look on in disbelief, realizing if he catches my head in them, hell crush me. He has me feel them and I am very impressed. But Im still determined.


We start out the match. Scott decides to begin with open-handed smacks to my face, using his height and reach to back me across the room. I try to come inside, but to no avail. He continues using the reach to slap me across the room.

Before I know it, Scott has me in a bear-hug and my legs are dangling in mid-air. So far, I have had no answers against the giant.


Scott brings me down to the floor. I thought that maybe this would give me some hope.

I do my best not to let him get on top, but he wins that battle. Scott lies on top of me. Im on my back and were chest to chest. He pins my arms outward and I can see how much longer they are. I look down, only to see Scotts legs extending many inches beyond mine. Scott then places his legs between mine and stretches them outward until they would go no further. I am totally immobilized by this tower of strength.


Now Scott sits me up and gets behind me. He applies a scissors. I can see the two of us in the mirror. Scotts enormous body encompassing my body. He looks so big and I look so tiny. I am being squashed by a guy almost a foot bigger than me.


Scott manages to lie on his back and get me on my chest, using his long arms to control me. He slowly and methodically pulls me up towards him. I kick my legs, but that does no good. He pulls me up far enough, so he can reach my legs and stop them from pounding. Again, he stretches each of my limbs out as far as they will go. He methodically pulls me up further. All I can do is bob my head up and down. His deep, masculine voice is proclaiming him the winner. I could not dispute that.


I realized I had no chance. I had been dominated by a much bigger and stronger guy. I felt both humiliated and satisfied at the same time.


There was a second match. I was coached on-line. I did a little better, but still got crushed.


There will a third time and I plan on doing much better.


66 vs. 58 is not an easy task.