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NRMA Insurance

Grateful Bearhug from a Big fat guy is at 0:25, so it’s short.

Part of the ”NRMAde (NRMA Made) Better” campaign.

NRMA stands for National Roads & Motorists Association. It’s HQ’d in Australia.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 2 s.

x 21    
Fiat: 500 L

The one man wants to take Diddy with him and so hugs him in an attempt to move him.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Paul M
Smokey the Bear
Smokey bearhugs Camper

Only you can prevent forest fires. :)... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

x 3  
2013-07-134367.67 (3)

Three people, 2 women and a guy, are brought into a room where the Azerbaijani wrestling team is practicing.

Bearhug occurs in background when the man gives his answer about what he smells.

Bearhug near 1:21 on Link #1[More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

x 1   x 2  
Paul M
2012-07-087459.67 (3)
T.G.I. Friday's

The commercial's about a guy who's supposed to fire another employee but couldn't because they went to TGI Friday's and the one employee holds the other up in a frontal bearhug of sorts.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Paul M
2011-02-065724.00 (1)

Probably doesn't count as a bearhug, but close enough...

The ad is kinda weird.. it doesn't encourage me at all to get some Halls...... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

2010-10-115153.00 (2)
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Video Game - DS/Wii
Batman bearhugs Clock-King

Batman holds a struggling Clock-King in a bearhug when he is summoned by Bat-mite to play the said game.

The thumbnail on youtube shows the bearhug, hence how I came across this (actually I was looking up "Aquaman, Brave and Bold").... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 18-21 s.

x 4    
2010-09-287055.50 (2)
Action Man Team

This is sorta like GI Joe. The toy called the Intruder does the hugging. Apparently, it likes to hug EVERYTHING. I'm just sayin'. . . .

Bearhug occurs @ 0:14 (link #1)

The 2nd link deals with the toy.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 1-2 s.

x 4    
Paul M
2010-05-298633.00 (2)
Canadian Tire

A guy asks his expert in mechanic friend the difference between cars with regular brakes and those with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes System) brakes.

In response, the mechanic, who is slightly bigger and taller, simply holds the guy by his arm... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

2010-02-085762.00 (1)
A taxi driver bearhugs a stranded customer

AAMI stands for "Australian Associated Motor Insurers", Ltd.

In the latest AAMI insurance commercial, a man comes in with a very damaged car. To help, a good, kind, BIG, taxi driver comes up and says, "It's going to be alright," as h... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 12-15 s.

x 2    
2009-11-057294.00 (2)

Should probably be "near-hug". See the commercial in the YouTube link below.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

2009-03-014507.00 (1)
Zantac 150: Pizza delivery

A guy opens the door and Zantac is delivered... along with plenty of delivery guys carrying food that could cause potential heartburn. The guy eventually bearhugs one of the delivery guy.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

2008-07-296985.00 (5)
Jim Beam Whiskey: Wrestling Ring

Nathan Jones lifts a dude in a reverse bearhug and keeps him in it pretty much througout the entire commercial.

The referee's trying to get him to try Jim Beam Whiskey. Apparently the guy's not a drinker (which isn't a bad thing, mind... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 16-17 s.

  x 2  
Paul M
2008-06-208937.33 (6)
Stride Gum: Supermarket

A wrestler grabs a guy coming out of the supermarket and shakes, squeezes, and smashes him against a pop machine until the guy spits out his Stride gum.... [More...]

Bearhug in TV commercials

Duration: 10-15 s.

x 2     x 1  
Paul M
2008-06-177548.25 (4)

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