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Arcade: Avengers In Galactic Storm

Supremor is the only character that can apply this hold.

Using this character, get close to your opponent and press one of the buttons.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
2008-05-188636.00 (2)
Arcade: Batman Forever

The Thugs with a green and black mask can bearhug Batman... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
2010-12-288985.71 (7)
Arcade: Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean

A very rare beat-em-up video game.

One of the enemy guys named 'BB' which looks like a muscular bodybuilder working in a port or the marine army will occasionally apply the bearhug if you get too close to them.

Unfortu... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

 x 2  
2008-05-1811527.00 (4)
Arcade: B. Rap Boys

At the end of stage 1, the stage boss, a big muscle guy wearing a mexican hat applies this hold if you come too close to him. He’s also a recurring boss throughout the game.

Bearhug at 6:35 and 7:05 on Link #1... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 2    
2010-04-188916.50 (2)
Arcade: Champion Wrestler

The following characters apply the bearhug hold along with a torture rack.

Nitro Panks & Matterhorn Decker

Matterhorn will also apply a neckhanging move.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

Duration: 5-12 s.

x 1  
2009-09-149153.67 (3)
Arcade: Desert Assault

The bearhug is minuscule and only happens when you get one of the four available characters.

If you let one type of bad guy get close to you, he'll give you a bearhug from behind...... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

2008-05-186106.33 (3)
Arcade: Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom

This is a LOT of trouble if you want to see the bearhug.

You need to play through the entire game. Near the end, you will reach the only place in the game where you face sand golems. If you let them get close to you, they will end up... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

 x 2  
2008-03-269235.00 (1)
Arcade: Fatal Fury II

You can use a character called 'The Bear' which is basically a huge wrestler to give a bearhug to any opponent.

This one can also be found on Sega Genesis consoles.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games
Neo Geo

x 3  
2008-03-267296.67 (3)
Arcade: Fight Fever

A mexican guy named Golrio applies this hold.

To apply this move, get close to your opponent and press 'Punch'.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
Boss man2008-05-086495.00 (2)
Arcade: Gang Wars

A side scroller beat em up game.

Occasionally, thugs grab you from behind and squeeze you. Stay like that and your energy will be gradually drained.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 2  
2013-03-147158.00 (1)
Arcade: Guardians of the Hood

This is a beat-em up game which uses an engine similar to Pit Fighter.

Only two characters can apply the bearhug: one playable and one unplayable.

On top of that, the playable character can only be acquired passed Stage ... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

2008-05-186186.50 (2)
Arcade: Knuckle Bash

There's only one character that can apply a bearhug and it's the football guy. You can get him as a playable character later in the game as you play through the stages in this beat-em-up game.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
2008-03-266926.50 (2)
Arcade: Main Event, The

Three characters can apply this hold:

Saturn Six - who looks a lot like one of the Road Warriors
Big Foot Joe - who looks a lot like The Giant
Alan The Empire - who looks a lot like Big John Studd... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 2  
2013-03-145478.00 (1)
Arcade: Pit-Fighter

Probably doesn't count as a bearhug, but I had to add this entry because it marked my childhood.

A couple of the fighters like The Executioner and Buzz can apply the piledriver, which looks a bit like the bearhug.

The ga... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
2017-04-182585.00 (1)
Arcade: Riding Fight
Crusher bearhugs Burn

The game is set in a futuristic area where you battle against high-tech criminals.

The game is some sort of a 3-D racing mode where you skate on this hoverboard and fight enemies along the way.

The boss on the first stag... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

 x 4   x 4  
2009-09-0814896.75 (4)
Arcade: Ring Rage

All I know about this game & bearhug is that a character named Spike gives it. His picture is the one with the spiky hair mohawk thing.

In order to use the bearhug your character needs to have a low level of power, while spike needs to... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

Duration: 5-10 s.

x 1  
2009-09-147095.33 (3)
Arcade: Saturday Night Slam Masters

Jumbo is the only character in the game that can apply this move. It is a straight-forward move: Lock-up, press right and push the attack button.

This title is also available on the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis.

T... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

 x 8    
2008-03-269637.67 (3)
Arcade: Shadow Force

A boss named Mars applies this move. He is the end boss of the game.

Webmaster's note:
In my opinion, it's not really worth it to play this game just to get the bearhug. It's a bad 2-frame animation.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

Boss man2008-05-086425.00 (2)
Arcade: Spikeout

Enemy thugs can apply this hold and since you can choose both male and female characters, you basically pick who gets to be bearhugged later in the gameplay.

Both Spikeout and Spikeout Final Edition is for the arcade whereas Spikeout: ... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 3     x 1  
2012-09-0610288.50 (2)
Arcade: Street Fighter II

You can use the E. Honda character to bearhug anyone.

You can also find this title on the Super Nintendo and on Sega Genesis.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 2    
2008-03-265655.50 (2)
Arcade: Super Spy, The

Probably the only video game that gives you a bearhug from a person's perspective.

One of the big baddies will make a movement similar to a bearhug and you will lose some health.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

Duration: 1 s.

x 2  
2008-05-186905.50 (2)
Arcade: Tattoo Assassins

A guy named Truck applies this move.

Get close to your opponent and press punch.... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

x 1  
Boss man2008-05-086576.50 (2)
Arcade: Violent Storm

3 characters can apply this hold: 1 controllable character and 2 enemy uncontrollable characters.

The playable character is Boris. He has orange hair, wears orange short, a black shirt and is the only one who wears shades.


Bearhug in video games

x 17  
2008-04-089379.00 (2)
Arcade: WWF Wrestlefest

Only two characters in the game can apply the bearhug: Earthquake and Animal.

Just keep applying holds and at one point, the bearhug hold will pop up. Normally, it pops up when the opponent’s gauge is near empty.

... [More...]

Bearhug in video games

 x 5  
2008-03-266516.33 (3)
Blazing Tornado

Jailbreaker Bullnoi, a wrestler that looks like a clown, can apply the bearhug hold.

The final boss of the game, Hizelshustat Von Ludwig can also apply the bearhug hold.

(I know, the names of the wrestlers in this game i... [More...]

Bearhug in video games
Sega Saturn

x 3  
2008-11-049462.00 (2)

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