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Ten Gladiators, The (1963)
Dan Vadis bearhugs Roger Browne

Two men challenge each other to a fight, ending in a hot mutual bearhug contest (unfortunately interrupted by a woman!).

The bearhug starts at 2:48... [More...]

Bearhug in movies
Ancient Times

2017-07-192289.00 (3)
Sea Hunt: River Treasure
Season 4, Episode 2
Aired on: 1961-01-14

Someone bearhugs Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is played by Lloyd Bridges.

Bearhug during a brawl, starts at 13:35 ... [More...]

Bearhug in TV shows

Duration: 15 s.

2017-01-144368.50 (2)
Bonanza: The Ape
Season 2, Episode 14
Aired on: 1960-12-17

Eric ”Hoss” Cartwright bearhugs Arnie ”The Ape” Guthrie

There are two hugs in this scene: the first at 5:41 is nice but quick, while the second one at 7:01 lasts longer and it’s incredibly hot!

A great long fight between two very big men.

This is VERY reminiscent of the book,... [More...]

Bearhug in TV shows

Duration: 5-26 s.

2012-08-1911709.00 (4)
Day of the Animals (1977)
Bear (animal) bearhugs Leslie Nielsen

A crazed man challenges a true bear to a bearhug match. . . and obviously loses!
It’s weird but kind of hot in a certain way.

Bearhug starts at 2:10

AKA, ”Something Is Out There”... [More...]

Bearhug in movies

    x 1  
2012-06-1610346.50 (4)
New Adventures of Tarzan, The (1934)

There a two hugs, both quite hot:

1) The best is at 9:34, a beefy hunter bearhug Tarzan and they struggle locked together

2) The other is a 3-man near-hug; Tarzan and two hunters roll wrapped together on the floor at 3:1... [More...]

Bearhug in movies

2012-06-0514477.29 (7)
Sky High (2005)

There’s a nice mutual bearhug scene in this Sci-Fi Superhero comedy.

Halfway through the movie, Steve Stronghold (Kurt Russell) congratulates his son on his newly acquired superpowers. The man, who got superpowers himself, hugs ... [More...]

Bearhug in movies

2009-10-0910184.25 (4)
Star Trek: The Alternative Factor
Season 1, Episode 27
Aired on: 1967-03-30

Lazarus (Robert Brown) bearhugs Capt. Kirk (William Shatner)

In this episode of the classic '60 series, Lazarus (Robert Brown) bearhugs Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and lift him off the ground.
The bearhug is short but effective, Kirk pushing with his hands against Lazarus' face to escape the hold.[More...]

Bearhug in TV shows

2009-07-144107.00 (1)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Buck’s Duel to the Death
Season 1, Episode 20
Aired on: 1980-01-31

In one episode from this classic 70’s SCI-FI series there’s a interesting and unexpected bearhug.

Near the end of the episode, muscular actor William Smith hugs hot and hairy Gil Gerard, lifting him up and squeezing him. It... [More...]

Bearhug in TV shows

Duration: 7-8 s.

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2009-03-2110338.40 (5)
 -- Login required -- by Andy64

Bearhug stories

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2009-02-1410458.50 (10)
Samson (1963)

This is one of the very best peplums! The bearhug is part of a longer fight scene between Samson and a black oiled wrestler, but there's another wrestling scene between Brad Harris and Alan Steel early in the movie, and it's just as hot! ... [More...]

Bearhug in movies
Ancient Times

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2008-03-2021148.27 (11)

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