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ID:   341
Name:   Greg Plitt
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Bearhugger:    7.14
Victim:    6.43
Face-off:    3.99

Overall:    5.85

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Stats:   6'1", 195 lbs
Uploader:   Jpwaboi   (ID 2226)  

Greg Plitt


HGTV Carpenter and Fitness Model

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Size:   105 KB
Width and height:   392 x 600 pixels
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  Total: 3

Date added:   2010-03-06
Date modified:   2018-01-09
Last featured faceoff:   2018-01-09 (10 days ago)
Hits:   1675
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  Comment #6 written by ROAR (id 11000) on 2016-10-27 (From Faceoff ID 203629)

they would kill each other

  Comment #5 written by Aztightsqueezer (id 2200) on 2010-12-23 (From Faceoff ID 43863)

What a contest this would be. Rock hard body against rock hard body. It might go back and forth for a while, but once Greg decides to finish Beau off, those sculptured arms will tighten around Beau's muscular body until his eyes bulge out of their sockets and he hangs limp and unbreathing against Greg's powerful chest.

  Comment #4 written by Aztightsqueezer (id 2200) on 2010-05-27 (From Faceoff ID 27528)

Bryan is a powerful young stud able to put away most men in his bearhug, but when Greg's thick arms clamp his chest his head snaps back and the muffled growl he tries to hold back between clenched teeth becomes a full blown howl of agony, mouth gaping wide. Its like being caught in a rock crusher, Greg's hard baseball biceps grinding into his ribs, the terrible constriction og muscled arms closing around him from all directions, crushing him mercilessly. The breath leaves his body and his eyes bulge in their sockets as he slowly sags, unable to withstand being crushed against Greg's unyielding chest. He feels his tongue pushing out of his gaping mouth as he hangs limp and unmoving, unbreathing, darkenss closing over him.

  Comment #3 written by Aztightsqueezer (id 2200) on 2010-05-27 (From Faceoff ID 27517)

What a matchup that would be. Lukas is slim and strong with a muscular build, but once Greg gets his marble hard arms round Lukas' slender waist, crushes him with steel strength against that rock-like chest, it's all over for Lukas. No matter how hard he struggles, no matter how his muscle bulge as the tries to push out, no matter how he cries out, nothing eases the pressure as his ribs bend and the air is driven from his lungs. Greg takes his time, enjoying the feel of Lukas' srrong body slowing going limp until he dangles unconscious, unbreathing.

  Comment #2 written by MrPunishment (id 3312) on 2010-05-25 (From Faceoff ID 22927)

I completely disagree with the analysis of this obvious mismatch....BIG DAVE WOULD OWN Greg...hell, I WOULD OWN Greg!!!

  Comment #1 written by Chubster (id 2234) on 2010-03-28 (From Faceoff ID 20683)

I would make greg's muscles surrender to my bearhug!

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