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Rating calculations

How are faceoff ratings calculated?

It's not the amount of votes that matters, but the amount of faceoffs that the candidate is winning.

Suppose you have Ted Arcidi facing off with 4 opponents: Bill Goldberg, Arn Anderson, Buzz Sawyer and Russel Crowe. If Arcidi is winning against Buzz and Crowe, but losing against Goldberg and Anderson, it gives him 2 out of 4 wins (50%), so he gets a faceoff rating of 5.00 out of 10. If he was winning 3 out of 4, his faceoff rating would have been 3/4 (7.50 out of 10).

Half a point is given for draws. If Arcidi was winning only against Crowe and has an equal amount of faceoff votes with Anderson, that counts as only 1.5 win (1.5/4 = 3.75 out of 10).

To view the list of faceoffs your candidate currently has, visit his candidate profile and click on [ View existing faceoffs ].

How are overall average rating calculated?

Simple: (Bearhugger rating + Victim rating + Faceoff rating) / 3

Bearhugger and victim ratings are affected by the votes casted directly on the candidate's profile.

Faceoff ratings are affected by the generated faceoff matchups.